According to, the friends and families of the two Hungarian boys remember them as best friends. Sadly, they instantly died in their brutal car crash in Melbourne Tuesday night in local time.

The 19-year-old Kristóf and the 17-year-old László’s car slid in a curve and crashed into a jeep in the opposite lane. The car then rolled over and ended up in a delft. Their friend, Aaron Goldsmith, who was sitting on the passenger’s seat and is also only 18 years old, is in very bad condition, doctors are fighting for his life in a local hospital.

According to Herald Sun, the boys loved mechanics. At the time of the accident they were going home from László’s grandpa, where they repaired Kristóf’s car. Kristóf wanted to get home as soon as possible so he could take his younger brother, Oliver, to his driving exam.

Their families commemorated the boys at the location of the crash. László’s mother broken-heartedly told the local television: “He was my first born son. He was born with a screwdriver in his hand, he could repair everything.”

Kristóf’s mother said that everyone liked her son; he was very popular among his friends. She said that they talked on the phone a few minutes before the accident: “I told him to be careful and come home quickly. I still hope this to be just a nightmare!”

Allie Brehaut, Kristóf’s girlfriend, told that they recently celebrated their one year anniversary. “He was so crazy; he always told me funny stories. I loved him very much; he was also my best friend.”

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