Budapest, January 6 (MTI) – Two fifths of Hungarian youth aged 15-29 are disinclined to leave their family home in the near future, a survey by market research company Kutatopont showed.

According to the survey, conducted with a representative sample of 8,000 from September to November 2012, 15-19 year-olds planned a family between the ages of 21 and 27. Those ten years older said they planned one between the ages of 26 and 31.

A first child was planned at the age of around 28-29 on average. The survey mirrored the international trend of putting off having a family. Just 23 percent of respondents considered it possible to find a job abroad within a few years. A tenth of the sample would be prepared to study abroad, while 19 percent would leave the country for some other reason.

Eighteen percent of respondents said they would be ready to move to another locality in search for a job and only 11 percent were considering starting up a business of their own.



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