Budapest, 2017. november 26. Önkéntesek ételt osztanak a Katolikus Karitász Tárjátok ki szíveteket elnevezésû, rászorulókat segítõ adventi segélyprogramja elindítóján a Kispesti Nagyboldogasszony Fõplébánián 2017. november 26-án. Az eseményen ruhákat és ételt osztottak a rászorulóknak. Az országos akciót a segíteni szándékozók a 1356-os adományvonalon hívásonként 500 forinttal támogathatják, valamint az egyházmegyei Karitász-központokban és -gyûjtõpontokban is leadhatják tárgyi vagy pénzadományukat. MTI Fotó: Mónus Márton reports that Hungarians are especially ready to donate to those in need before holidays and in case of natural disasters. Hungarian charitable organisations reveal that it is either individuals or more significant enterprises that make donations and in fact, media also plays a huge role in popularising their different campaigns.

The number of donations increases before Christmas

Without a doubt, it is during the Advent season that people donate the most. At this time, the message of helping those in need reaches more people, and the donations made during the Advent season are used throughout the year, reports the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. Besides fundraising, the association also organises further emblematic campaigns like the Unclouded Childhood camping programme or the Starting School Together campaign that assists families in need.

More and more Hungarians donate a certain sum of money every month to charities. In addition, in case a natural disaster strikes the country, the organisations are also able to call the attention of hundreds of Hungarians who are ready to stand up for good causes.

Non-perishable foods are collected for those in need /6 December 2017, Budapest
MTI Photo: Zoltán Máthé/

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid also pointed out that fundraising can reach the most significant help because, through money donations, they can help by purchasing the necessary things needed for those injured or in need. Therefore, their support is more personalised and more efficient in this way. Besides money donation, they are pleased to receive other objects offered by the individuals as well.

Furthermore, the organisation attributes a great role to the media which advertises their campaigns and encourages people for further donations.

Media also shows how the contribution of Hungarians have reached others and helped to change the life of people. In fact, in order to reach potential donors, they try to be active on all media websites, too.

The presents of the Ministry of Human Capacities are given by the cardinal Péter Erdő and Dalma Mádl, Good-Will Ambassador of the Caritas Hungary /18 December 2017, Budapest
MTI Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/

Caritas Hungary reports that it is mostly individuals who make donations to them. Hungarians are willing to donate to Zakarpattia as well, but big natural disasters, family tragedies and holiday seasons also encourage people to help.

The communicative leader of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (MRSZ), Réka Kőrösi-Gilicze, pointed out that it is not only during Christmas that they welcome the contributions, but after Christmas as well. People would not think that many requests arrive at the organisation during January, too, but in fact, people need more firewood to heat their homes after spending most of their revenue at Christmas. Therefore, contributions should not stop either.

How can you help?

You can help the Hungarian Interchurch Aid by calling the donation line 1353, the Caritas Hungary by dialling 1356, and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid by calling the line 1359. The charitable organisations also try to draw the attention of people to get information about their recent programmes and fundraisings via their websites where they can also make contributions. In some organisations, people can even donate objects or pieces of real estate to those in need.

Do not forget to help if you can because every little thing counts!

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid launches its charity program / 3 December 2017, Budapest
MTI Photo: Zoltán Balogh/

Featured image: MTI


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