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Hungarians doing wonders with only 1liter fuel

Hungarians doing wonders with only 1liter fuel

As we have written about this before, three student groups from Hungary were taking part in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2018 race, and we are happy to report that they did great.

The Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams around the world to design and build energy-efficient vehicles and then prove their efficiency by personally driving them on the race track. The Eco-marathon was part of the Make the Future Live festival in London. Every year this event is organised in three places: in Europe, Asia and North America. The aim of this race is to have vehicles built that can travel the longest distance with only one litre of fuel or one kilowatt energy.

This year there were two categories. The Prototype class that focused on maximum efficiency, where passenger comfort was not that important. In the UrbanConcept class, organisers encouraged more practical designs.

Of course, all this means that the vehicles in this race are not exactly comfortable, neither could they be called fast. There are parts of the track where the cars are just left to roll on their own, and in the prototype category, drivers are usually lying down in a small space. But at least they are really energy efficient.

The current record in 3771 km on 1 liter fuel.

According to, there were 143 teams this year, from 24 countries. Three of those teams were from Hungary. 100 teams were running in the Prototype class, 43 in the UrbanConcept. The biggest challenge this year was the new race track and the heat, which is still unusual for Britain.

shell eco-marathon energy efficient car race


Two Hungarian teams were racing in the Prototype category, one from the University of Debrecen, the DE MFK TEAM and one from the KSZC Kandó Kálmán High School of Kecskemét, the Kandó Electric. The SZEnergy team was competing in the UrbanConcept class; they were from the Széchenyi István University from Győr.

This was the third race this year for the team from the University of Debrecen. They came in 29th this time, but this race was probably very memorable for them since they had a car accident on the track with another racer. This was the eighth race for the KSZC Kandó Kálmán High School, and they came in 13th.

The team with the most experience was the one from the Széchenyi István University. This was their 14th race and this year they finished in the 6th place in the UrbanConcept category.

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