eco-marathon energy efficiency

Four Hungarian student groups are taking part in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2018 race, a contest to set up a new record in energy efficiency at the Make the Future Live festival in London between July 5 and 8.

This year 175 teams from 24 European countries are competing at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the contest, which was first held in 1985.

The idea is to cover the greatest distance with the least amount of fuel.

Last year’s winner made one litre fuel last for 2,503.9km, the festival’s website said.

The Hungarian teams are from St István University, Győr, in western Hungary, Budapest’s Óbuda University, Debrecen University, in eastern Hungary, and the Kandó vocational school in Kecskemét, central Hungary.

The teams are taking different, and in some cases, novel approaches to improving a vehicle’s efficiency,

such as engineering steering mechanisms to be more energy-saving and developing new chassis and drive-train technologies.

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Source: MTI

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