“My Airline” survey was launched on Travelo.hu for the fifth time. The preference list was set up based on more than 52,000 ratings. The most popular ones were revealed on 8 February, on the occasion of an awards ceremony, Turizmusonline.hu reported.

Those who travelled somewhere by airplane in 2016 could rate the airlines. Altogether 5274 ratings, 3672 travelogues were sent, and more than 140 airlines were rated by the passengers. The airlines could be rated according to different viewpoints including the staff’s work, the quality of service on board, the schedules, the value for money and communication. Winners were named in five categories, besides, by summing up the rates, Hungary’s favourite airline was also awarded, Turizmusonline.hu reported.

Although, large-capacity low-cost airlines received the most rates, no discount airlines could take any place. Yet, airlines which have not received any award up to now at “My Airline” have also appeared among the winners.

Based on the overall results, Emirates had become the Hungarians’ favourite airline, just like in 2014 and 2015. It is closely followed by the Israeli EL AL, and Qatar Airways stands on the third place.

According to Turizmusonline.hu, concerning the staff’s work, EL AL Israel received the highest ratings, that is, their staff is the kindest to passengers. They are followed by Finnair, and the Swiss International Air Lines is in the third place. Regarding the quality of service on board, passengers consider Emirates the best. The second was EL AL, and it was followed by Qatar Airways. In terms of the schedule, Delta Airlines won the first place, and this airline was a new one at the ceremony. Finnair was the second, followed by Emirates in the third place. Concerning the price ratio, the best airline is Emirates, and it is followed by Qatar Airlines and Greece’s Aegan Airlines. Concerning communication, Emirates received the highest ratings; it was followed by EL AL and Qatar Airways.

For passengers, connection is highly important, Turizmusonline.hu reported.

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Source: Turizmusonline.hu

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