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Germans and Hungarians trust each other, with 80 percent willing to have the other national as a friend or relative, while 70 percent would accept them as a boss, a survey conducted by the Nézőpont Institute shows.

Two-thirds of Germans had a positive view of Hungary, while approval of Germany has grown substantially among Hungarians since 2019, from 45 percent to 72 percent, Nézőpont said, explaining the large difference in terms of “the improvement of cooperation” between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Chancellor Angela Merkel, and “the failure of the mandatory migrant quota initiative”.

Nézőpont’s analysis of 8,750 articles published in the German media since 2016, however, showed that only 221 were sympathetic to the Hungarian government.

Fully 3,757 attacked Hungary’s administration or depicted it one-sidedly, the survey said.

Only 36 percent of German respondents thought Hungary’s media were allowed to criticise the government, and 23 percent said the Hungarian government protected the rights of national and ethnic minorities. On the other hand, 61 percent of Hungarians said German media could criticise the government and 57 said Germany was protective of minority rights.

Fully 33 percent of Germans and 60 percent of Hungarians thought bilateral ties were good, while 75 percent of Hungarians and 67 percent of Germans said they should be further improved.

According to 51 percent of Hungarians, the focus of cooperation should be on economic policy, while German respondents said cooperation should centre on migration and climate policy (48 and 37 percent, respectively).

The survey was conducted with representative samples of 1,000 Germans and 1,000 Hungarians, with the cooperation of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Polgári Magyarországért Foundation.

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Source: Nézőpont/MTI

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  1. Tolerance – at no other time, throughout the History of the World, has their been a time, that ALL the Nations – people of the World, must understand and practice Tolerance.
    We are globally living in a World, that continues to be ravaged by this novel coronavirus.
    The world has been changed by this virus and the on-going layers, the catastrophic disasters, that it will leave in it’s wake, remain un-certain.
    We are ALL challenged as individual human beings and interfaced, in the daily challenges we ALL face, their must be Tolerance and Patience.
    The Governments of the World, this is the time they showed Tolerance to-wards and between each other.
    Human beings need motivation, positive acts visible for them, that encourages them, gives them Hope and Supports them, without being drowned, in the negativity of constant repetitive Political “brawls” – that have no deep meaning nor relevance of position, in the Shambles of the world, that we ALL – at present live.
    Their has not been a vaccine discovered that can immunize human beings from contacting this deadly novel coronavirus.
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    Tolerance – a United front of working together, for a common cause, for the survival of mankind, instead of destructive dialogue, that is the common tongue of Politic.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

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