Cola sales represented a value of over 50 billion HUF, and almost 3 million hectolitres of cola was sold in Hungary between July 2018 and June 2019. This translates as 10+ percent growth in value and 7 percent in volume compared to the same period previous year. Branded labels dominate the market, private label cola registers an 8% share, reveals Nielsen retail index.

Cola has a market share of over 60 percent in value among the carbonated soft drinks category.  The majority (60%) of this 300 million litres of refresher is purchased at shops bigger than 400 square metres.

If cola, then sugary: more than two thirds of the drinks sold contain sugar, the rest is sugar-free. At the same time, the sugar-free segment expands three times as rapidly.

When it comes to sizes, almost half (45%) of the sales comes from 1-1.9 litre packaging and quarter of the sales value from the 2+ litre bottles. But cola is a loyal companion on the way, as well: one fifth of the overall sales comes from bottles/cans smaller than 1 litre.

„Cola consumption typically peaks in the summer festival season in July and August, and at the year-end, around Christmas” – says Dóra Hajnal Senior Analyst, Nielsen Hungary.

“Besides traditional cola flavour, other flavours like lemon or lime are taking a larger piece of the pie in terms of market share.”

The dominance of branded labels over private labels is indisputable, 90+ percent Hungarian cola enthusiasts actually opt for branded products. 

The brand-new Coca-Cola product already conquered Asia. Now, the company has announced that they would like to introduce their brand-new drink in Europe which means that the newest sensation of the American company will be available in Hungary as well, read more HERE.

Source: Nielsen

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