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The brand-new Coca-Cola product already conquered Asia. Now, the company has announced that they would like to introduce their brand-new drink in Europe which means that the newest sensation of the American company will be available in Hungary as well.

Magyországom reported that Coca-Cola Coffee is already available in Japan and Australia in small cans. By introducing this brand-new product in these countries, the company earned more than $1 billion.

The company announced that by the end of 2019, they would like to expand the market of Coca-Cola Coffee to twenty-five additional countries. The product keeps the familiar Coca-Cola flavour, but this time, the company added some fresh coffee to the drink.

The reason why Coca-Cola decided to produce this drink is that last year, the company bought another well-known business called Costa Coffee for approximately $5 billion. After this step, it was expected that Coca-Cola would surprise the world with a new product on the international market.

According to the company’s director, James Quincey, they would like those consumers to buy this drink who would not necessarily like to drink energy drinks but feel the need for caffeine.

By mixing the two most popular drinks in the world – Coca-Cola and coffee –, people would only have to buy one bottle containing both. Another interesting fact is that Coca-Cola has alcoholic beverages on the Japanese market and would like to introduce other products made with coffee.

The new product will be available in small aluminium cans, each of them containing thirty-four milligrams of caffeine. It also contains sugar and additional sweeteners which gives energy whenever someone needs it.

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