At the invitation of General Dr El Habib Marzak, the main trustee of Moroccan King Mohammed VI, the joint delegation of HTCC, AHU and ETALON negotiated about the potential participation of the ETALON horse show at next year’s Salon du Cheval. writes that the world’s most illustrious horse race aims to introduce the whole world’s horse culture to the local audience, so they invite thousand equestrians of more than thirty country every year. Showing something unique is quite a hard task there, but Hungarians managed to attract attention again.

The delegation, led by Hungarian Ambassador to Rabat Dr Miklós Tromler, got the chance to visit the royal riding-hall. The professional chief of the modern institution, Sir Badr Fakir, presented the establishments of the Royal Equestrian Federation: the British-system barns, the modern practicing and racing tracks, the veterinary examiner appliances and the pasture stocks.


The federation inaugurated a new establishment recently, in which they keep and attend to the horses of different clubs and private individuals in exchange for some money.

Director Chrifi Alaoui showed the establishments, the practicing tracks, the training equipment and the schedule of the 160 parlour-border in the educational centre. The opportunity of cooperation was itroduced and its conditions will be worked out soon.

The next day the delegation visited El Jadida, the location of the Salon du Cheval event. General Marzak appointed an escort who accompanied and helped the delegation during the programmes. For instance, the delegation visited the establishment inaugurated last year, the exhibition and horse events as VIP guests.


With the leading of Hungarian Ambassador to Rabat Dr Miklós Tromler the delegation held negotiations with General Marzak and his colleague regarding the opportunity of Hungarian participation next year. The discussion ended quite promisingly. ETALON needs to work out a minimum and maximum programme, which includes special Hungarian performances, so that the organisational committee can choose from them.

Next up, the delegation watched the ancient Moroccan horse show called Tbourida. It was a great honour that the delegation was placed in the VIP tent of Royal Prince Moulay Hassan Abdallah, where they could watch the popular show.

The programme ended with the horse gala show in the evening. Also, it’s worth emphasizing that even though Hungary didn’t participate at the event this year, the Hungarian flag flapped among the flags of the participating countries. Moreover, some spectacular moments of last year’s Hungarian performance had significant places in the teaser of the horse show.


The visit of the delegation was successful regarding the opportunity of Hungarian participation next year. Hungarians – with the help of HTCC – returned to the biggest horse event of Africa last year after 2009. The wranglers of Kecskemét dazzled the Moroccan audience and gifted a little foal to the royal stud farm.


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