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The team of a young Hungarian entrepreneur found that Anglo-Saxon internet users mostly search for the components of the anti-coronavirus vaccine, bread-making at home, different video games and the sterilisation of the laundries.

According to index.hu, people can observe the most popular topics internet users were interested in between the end of February and March on THIS website. They monitor not only the searches but also the videos and opinions they wrote during chatting. The most significant change happened in the case of those words that are connected to the virus. For example, most people would like to know more about the phrase hydroxychloroquine because it is one of the potential materials of which a future medicine can be made against the coronavirus.

The same happened with the word aplidin, which is another substance for possible treatment, and Australian researchers are now investigating it. Furthermore,

there are a lot of herbs people are talking about

but whose healing abilities are not yet proved.

Since many people have to stay at home, they are now searching in such topics like cutting hair, baking bread at home. Therefore, many typed ‘yeast’ into their search engines. Sterilisers and wipes are also very famous together with UHT milk, milk powder, evaporated milk, frozen and dried food and toilet paper. Interestingly, most people would like to know more about the so-called RV toilet paper which can be placed in mobile homes.

Of course, the names of the different computer parts like mouse or screen are also trendy. Furthermore, people are searching for video channels, skype and other software, mostly video games. The increase was significant, for example, in the case of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing that can be played by more than one user.

In the USA, laundries are also very popular, so many people are curious about how they are sterilised.

Searches for Drizzly, the leading company for delivering alcoholic beverages to mmolhomes, also increased a lot. Ukulele, which is an instrument easy to learn how to play, has also become very popular. Americans would also like to know more about water cleaning devices.

The team who built the website say that they have a lot of data, and they will publish more in the future. About the methodology, László Mári, leader of the Dakai Group, told that with the help of the so-called large scale data mining technology they built their algorithm which is more effective than, for example, the Google Trend. They used the software to analyse the social media and websites like Google, YouTube, Reddit and Twitter. This is how they got the results mentioned above.

The 22-year-old developer has already been working in many fields of information technology. Before, he and his team were working with the blockchain technology, and they also took part in the development of Google, Spotify and other Silicon Valley startups.

They built Covid Trends in only 4 days following individual curiosity. 

Interestingly, all members of the team work from home because they arrived home from Vietnam, Bali and Dubai before the intensive proliferation stage of the virus.

Source: index.hu

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