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Brussels (MTI) – Hungary does not accept that mandatory migrant quotas should be the only way to tackle the migration crisis, as Brussels advocates, state secretary Szabolcs Takács said in Brussels on Tuesday.

Referring to the shared approach of the four Visegrad countries, Takács promoted “flexible solidarity”, which he said did not mean acceptance or rejection of the mandatory quota system.

The Visegrad countries, including Hungary, have sent police to Slovenia and further aid to Bulgaria and Macedonia, Takács noted. “Systematic control of the (EU’s) southern borders is an important component of Hungary’s solidarity and participation in the (implementation of the common) migration policy, through which the migration pressure in Germany has considerably eased,” the state secretary said.

The EU should acknowledge that Hungary’s measures have been taken in protection of the whole community, the security of its citizens, and of the “national, cultural, and religious identity which created and has characterised Europe for centuries,” Takács said.

Source: MTI

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