Budapest, 2017. június 16. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök a Kossuth Rádió stúdiójában, ahol interjút adott a 180 perc címû mûsorban 2017. június 16-án. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

“Nobody can oblige Hungary” to give up its position on migration, the prime minister told public Kossuth Radio on Friday.

“Hungarians have made it clear that they don’t want to see illegal immigrants,” Viktor Orbán said in connection with the European Union’s recent infringement procedure against the country. He added that “you can corner a government or deliver a gut punch to it” but it cannot be done to a whole nation.

Orbán insisted that “record high” participation in the government’s latest nationwide public survey means that “a whole nation is looking for ways to support its position of denying entry to people of a different culture or civilisation”.

Concerning critical remarks from Germany, Orbán asked German politicians to “leave us alone and not involve us in their election campaign”. Hungary has always respected Germans and “we expect them to respect us, too,” he said.

“What we want is a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe … we won’t participate in experiments aimed at changing Hungary or Europe, in which Europe’s cultural traditions would be swept aside to be replaced by a mixture of other cultures, religions and worldviews, allowing masses to enter without control”, Orbán said. Germany, France, or Italy cannot be denied the right of subjecting themselves to such experiments “but we are asking them not to make us follow suit”, he added.

Concerning US criticism of Hungary’s recent civil organisations law, the prime minister said that the United States’ taking up a position on the matter was an “interesting venture” in the light of that country’s “brutally stringent” rules on organisations receiving support from abroad. He insisted that the new Hungarian legislation was “polite and delicate” compared to US regulations. “It is inconceivable why one would be reluctant to declare a donation once they were not shy to accept it,” he added.

Referring to groups planning a boycott of the civil organisations law, Orbán said that the law applies to all civil groups. He added that Hungary’s laws do not allow for civil disobedience.

On the subject of next year’s budget, which parliament passed on Thursday, Orbán noted wage hikes planned for 2018, and said that it would create better conditions for all social groups. “We will be in a better position than we are in this year,” Orbán said, and pointed to rising employment and the increasing number of taxpayers, as well as measures to promote childbirth.

Source: MTI

  1. György Soros:
    What mandate does this man have to deal with matters that do not concern him and that the European citizen will cost a lot of money that will be collected by one of the many clubs of this, in Hungary born but deeply hated old man.
    Why is he invited by Mr. Drincker and why are there people that hang on his lips to take his ignorant stories and let themselves be abused as useless figures? Does money play a big role here again?
    Many members of the European Parliament do not really have a straight back and just look at Soros with eyes filled with $ signs. This man is a speculator who brought The Bank of England on the verge of bankruptcy, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars for him and leaving the citizens in great misery.
    György can focus more on the impoverished European citizen than on the ‘refugees’ he wants to place in Europe. People with a criminal history are welcome, just like people from countries where there is no war at all.
    His fairy tales are too bizarre for words and his direct attacks on Orbán Viktor, Hungary’s Prime Minister, are showing an unpleasant low level. But György is apparently used to filthy practices and no contradiction: His word is law and the democratic level has disappeared completely.
    As a native Hungarian person he ought to know at least something from the Hungarian history in the (recent) past. It was this great country that opened the iron curtain, it was this country that stood-up against the Soviet-Union, it was this country that brought freedom to all people in Eastern Europe.
    Hopefully members of the European Parliament will wake up from their wet dreams and will do what they are appointed to: Represent their own people and nothing else!
    If they don’t open their eyes in time than I am afraid of attacks all over Europe and again a new World War will be started. Hungary has learned its lesson well. After WW I they were ‘punished’ by the League of Nations at their meeting in Trianon (1919). Here was decided that Hungary was chopped in pieces and only 35% of its original territory remained. In the other parts Hungarians were oppressed and discriminated – even today!
    Mr. Orbán must know that more and more people are supporting his actions and they hope that the Visegrád 4 members will be strong and that 4 will be 6 (or even more)!
    Best regards from Holland,
    Sander Driessen

  2. Good for you Mr. Orbán,

    One of the very few leaders that put the country interest first. If your country does not have an “Orbán” then go out there, look for one ..
    I am so happy that you stand your grounds, I travel often to Hungary, and I always love it. Just keep it the way it is. EU/Western Europe took the wrong turn, they almost passed the “no return” point. Europe as we know it will seize to exist very soon…

    All the best from Florida, USA

  3. @Sander,
    It’s a great feeling to hear from other educated EURO brothers, witch we are, stand up and say your words. The V4 would gladly accept more under the protection of common group. Maybe the V4 will become the V30 or more and Brussels can shut up and deal with their own problems they allowed. Then the V# can deal with it properly.

  4. John H.Morton.

    Certainly agree with writer Sander Driessen’s comments.
    Hungary’s sovereignty and culture is safest in Hungarian hands and, in the wise leadership of its current Prime Minister Viktor Orban !! It is not available to be bought by the EU, or any other fellow traveller, no matter the inducement ! or the threat !
    Europe is best served by strongly independent nations of sound character, of principle and ethics, usually obtained by struggle and suffering in a nation’s historical cultural journey.
    Hungary has paid the price, and must be shown the respect it worthily deserves !

    John H. Morton.

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