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Hungary is the third cheapest EU state to buy alcohol; only Bulgaria and Romania’s alcohol prices are lower than ours. Shockingly, alcohol prices are twice as high in the most expensive country (Finland) than in the cheapest one (Bulgaria).

Eurostat recently published the results of their study that examined how alcohol prices vary across the European Union (EU). The data reveals a shocking difference between member states.

In 2018, the price of alcoholic drinks across the EU was more than twice as high in the most expensive member state than in the cheapest one.

In 2018, the price of alcoholic drinks, including spirits, wine, and beer, was highest in Finland, Ireland, and Sweden. In contrast, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary had the lowest alcohol prices in the EU.

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Low prices might be a possible explanation for why Hungarians spend so much money on alcohol. A previous Eurostat survey revealed that Hungarian households spend almost twice as much on alcoholic drinks than the EU average. In 2017, Hungary was the 6th  EU state to spend the most on alcohol; 3% of the expenditure of households was spent on alcohol, which is almost twice the average in Europe.

The number of people suffering from alcohol addiction in Hungary is around 800,000, and some 30,000 die annually of alcohol-related illnesses. Hungarians drink on average the equivalent of 14 litres of pure alcohol in alcoholic beverages every year.


  1. Sure price of spirits, alól must increase so government can build more hospitals to deal with alcoholics because they take hospital beds that are there for the people sick eith cancer, and other illness. Alcoholics self inflict.

  2. Alcohol, Tobacco, and bad eating habits (too much greasy pork in the diet), are the main reasons for early death, and long, and paiful diseases.
    Enjoy life with moderation.

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