Zagreb, March 11 (MTI) – Hungary is committed to a zero tolerance approach toward Holocaust denial and all forms of hate speech, the state secretary for European affairs said in Zagreb on Thursday.

Speaking at the opening of a conference and exhibition about the Jewish and Roma Holocaust, Szabolcs Takács said Hungary has acknowledged the role its then-ruling government had in the Holocaust.

Takács, who oversaw Hungary’s chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) over the past year, said Hungary made it a priority in 2015 to ensure that “humanity’s saddest and worst” period is not forgotten. Under Hungary’s chairmanship, the IHRA was able to broker an agreement with the European Union that ensures that the EU’s data protection law will allow public access to all Holocaust-related archival materials.

Addressing the event, Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac said that the Jewish and Roma Holocausts both had lasting impacts on European societies, with Jewish and Roma populations completely disappearing in certain countries.

He said Croatia still struggles with religious and ethnic prejudice but the government will do its utmost to make sure that the Holocaust is remembered and increase the young generation’s awareness of the genocide.


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  1. The Jobbik party will gain power eventually. At least they resist this Zionist Holocaust puke. Dresden is an example of a REAL holocaust committed by Zionist Jews on the German, Hungarian and other European people.

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