Tihany Balaton Uplands
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After more than two months of curfew, we can go out again with proper safety precautions. At the end of this tense period, everyone can recharge and relax a bit, and luckily you do not have to go far for that as several wonderful places can be discovered in Hungary as well. Come along to see what they are 😉

As summer approaches, we would like to enjoy the bright sunshine even more, discover the natural treasures, and recharge ourselves with new experiences. In the current viral period, it is still advisable to avoid crowded places and visit less-populated sites. 

Fortunately, our small country is full of wonderful landscapes, which are worth a visit for a shorter or longer period and can easily be reached by car.

Balaton Uplands
Balaton Uplands
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The northern shoreland of Lake Balaton provides a breathtaking panorama for its visitors, involving six landscape protection areas within the territory of the Balaton Uplands National Park. The most important attractions of the region are:

  • Tihany Peninsula – the first protected landscape area of Hungary, famous for its geology as well as flora and fauna.
  • Tapolca Basin – described as the most beautiful landscape of Hungary according to several poets, novelists, and painters.
  • Szentgyörgy and Csobánc Hills – active tourists can enjoy wine cellars, hiking trails, and adventurous bike paths while enjoying the wonderful panorama of the region.
Danube Bend
Visegrád Hotel Silvanus
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For the lovers of romance, the Danube Bend is the perfect choice.

The fairytale streets of Szentendre, the forests of Zebegény, the botanical garden of Vácrátót, and the Visegrád Trout Lakes are all amazing sights that are worth a visit.

Not to mention the village of Kisorosz that offers an experience as if we were in another country and provides several ideal picnic spots for visitors.

Lake Tisza
Lake Tisza
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The second largest lake of Hungary, Lake Tisza, also awaits its visitors with several exciting programs. Besides observing the perfect flora and fauna of the area, you can also be amazed by the wooden water promenade of Lake Tisza. In the vicinity, you can discover Karcag, famous for its beautiful windmill.

For further destinations, read also:

As Hello Videk reports, travelling by car is still one of the safest modes of transportation. For those who do not have a car, car rental can be the perfect solution. This can be realised by Europcar car rental company, where all the cars are perfectly disinfected, including all interior and exterior surfaces. If required, the chosen vehicle can be delivered to your home.

It is also highly recommended to always bring a face mask and hand sanitiser with you, no matter whether it is a shorter or longer trip.

We still have to take care of ourselves and each other, but luckily we can recharge our batteries outside the four walls. 😉

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  1. If we can get out of our country (Belgium) we will come for the 40th year in a row. Nagy buli lesz !!!

  2. Love Balaton and due back there in August (possibly) otherwise 2021.

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