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Hungary’s government is donating 15 tonnes of chlorine to Transcarpathia, a province in western Ukraine with a large ethnic Hungarian population, for the treatment of drinking water, Foreign Ministry state secretary Tamás Menczer said on Saturday.

Menczer said Transcarpathia governor Hennadiy Moska had turned to Hungary for “urgent assistance” because of a “drinking water crisis” through the Hungarian consulate in Uzhhorod (Ungvár).

The Dnipro-Azot chemical plant, the region’s only producer of liquid chlorine, used for water purification, has been shut down, he added.

Governor Moska said on his official homepage that the chlorine from Hungary was expected to be delivered next week and would last for one-and-a-half months. Hopefully, production at the Dnipro-Azot plant will be restarted by then, he added.

“In the name of all Transcarpathia, I express thanks to the Hungarian government which always responds to the province’s problems and is quick to assist,” Moska said.

Source: MTI

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