reports that the 13th medical mission of the African Hungarian Union starts its journey to Africa on the 4th of April. Thousands are waiting for the Hungarian medicals’ help.

The participants of the mission are MD. Zita Bagdi, general doctor, MD. Zsófia Kapi, ear nose and throat specialist, Attila Gáspár, paramedic, Bernadett Kovács, coordinator of AHU, and Dániel Kovács, volunteer. The leader of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre will also provide them help. The team will spend a month in different parts of Uganda, where they will cure those in need. Furthermore, lectures to the locals in order to raise awareness will be given.

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Before the journey started, the team held a press conference, hosted by Vujity Tvrtko, member of AHU at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, writes Spokesman of the Union, Kembe Sorel introduced the members of the mission.

MD. Zita Bagdi is a second-year GP trainee at SOTE (Semmelweis University), while MD. Zsófia Kapi is an ear, nose and throat specialist at the Szent György Hospital in Fejér County. Attila Gáspár has been paramedic at OMSZ (Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service) for 25 years and has participated in other missions abroad. Bernadett Kovács, coordinator of the mission and aside her involvement at the AHU she works as an ICU nurse. Dániel Kovács, currently studying theology at university volunteered to help the team.

The team by now has set off to Uganda. Their journey and experiences can be followed on the constantly updated blog of AHU. Wish them all the best of luck!



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