Hungary-Faroe European Championship qualifier must be held behind closed doors under the first instance decision of the UEFA on October 8, which is because of the disorder experienced on the match against Romania, said.

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According to the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ), the UEFA descision is disproportionately severe and does not account for the fair behavior of the overwhelming majority, and it sends an especially wrong message after the Hungary-Romania match, of which general mood everyone could have positive experiences.

“When a small part of the fans tried racist shouts, the majority, after a few seconds, consciously overwhelmed that sound by loud exhortations” – MLSZ wrote.

In addition to the closing of the stadium, the UEFA imposed a penalty of EUR 70 thousand based on the report of the anonymous observers of FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe). MLSZ also published 3 – not public – videos, based on which they penalized, there the Gypsy-shouting of the crowd can be heard well.

The qualifier against Romania was the first match of the national team since the introduction of the card system, for what you could buy a ticket without the card. After last October’s Bucharest qualifier, the European Association also fined the MLSZ. Then they had to pay EUR 30 thousand and two sectors were closed on the match against the Finns, wrote.

MLSZ has appealed against the decision.

The Romanians were also fined because of their behavior showed on the qualifier in September, so they had to play behind closed doors as well, they will play against the Finns. They were found guilty in placing banners, using pyrotechnics, fights within the sector and irreverence against the Hungarian Anthem. Because of the domestic offenses against Hungarians and Greeks, they were fined EUR 110 thousand.

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