Budapest, January 6 (MTI) – Influenza activity remains low in Hungary, with some 8,200 people having made doctor visits with flu-like symptoms in the last week of 2016, according to a fresh report published by the National Centre for Epidemiology (OEK).

Fully 14.1 percent of the patients registered were children, 38.4 percent were young adults between the ages of 15-34, 31.2 percent fell into the 35-59 age bracket while 16.3 percent were over 60.

Lab-tested influenza cases were detected in Budapest and five counties. Out of 29 suspected influenza cases tested last week, 11 were confirmed as influenza A, the OEK report said.

According to the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ), so far only three hospitals have banned visits due to flu outbreaks or respiratory infections.


Source: MTI

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