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Budapest (MTI) – The Hungarian government “will take steps” against an article published in Wednesday’s Guardian, which contains “untrue statements” about the prime minister, the government spokesman said.

The article portrays Viktor Orban as someone who regularly criticises the European Union and idolises Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zoltan Kovacs said.

The paper’s statements contain “strong slurs and misrepresentations of the prime minister’s words,” he added.

It is not the prime minister but Hungarian voters who want to keep the issue of the death penalty on the agenda, Orban was merely reflecting on this wish, Kovacs said.

Nevertheless Hungary “observes current laws and naturally adheres to obligations under international contracts,” Kovacs said.

“Rightwing nationalist Viktor Orban threatens to defy EU law and launches anti-immigration manifesto calling for internment camps for illegal immigrants,” the Guardian said.

“A persistent critic of the EU, who holds up Russia’s president Vladimir Putin as a model leader, Orban responded to the murder of a woman in southern Hungary on Tuesday by calling for the reconsideration of draconian measures banned in the EU, which Hungary joined in 2004,” it said.

based on the article of MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. I have not seen any proper analysis of the real issues behind Orbán’s declaration about reintroducing the death penalty in Hungary.

    All the tobacco shops in Hungary are licensed exclusively to right-wing supporters of Orbán and his Fidesz government.

    Licenses for previous tobacco shops were confiscated from their previous owners so that Orbán and Co. could have a monopoly of the highly profitable stores.

    These are now the only places to buy cigarettes, which were removed from all supermarket shelves and all non-Fidesz shops, in order to ensure that only Orbáns friends and family would get rich.

    The only reason he is making noises about the death penalty after this tragedy is in order to appear the macho ruler, with his “I will protect all my followers at whatever cost”, posturing. If a similar tragedy had happend to an anti-government shop keeper, you can bet that the death penalty would never be an agenda.

  2. Not so, @smartypants”,
    I’m LMAO at your in depth analysis of Orban’s apparent tobacco venture. If Orban was looking to have his party gain from the sale of cigarettes. It would make NO sense to close down any tobacco shops and loose tax revenue, UNLESS they were selling ILLEGAL cigarettes and thereby not paying taxes, even more harmful to the public. It would make NO sense to appoint a public official to head the curbing sales and appointing a “commissioner in charge of “the protection of non-smokers”.

    Knowing it’s costing the government “80 billion-90 billion forints (EUR 254.7m-286.5m) more on treating smoking-induced diseases than the amount of tax revenue it receives from tobacco products.”, it makes NO sense what you claim about any party taking revenue for a cost wasting endeavour.
    Read more at: https://dailynewshungary.com/hungary-smoking-rate-down/

    As for the ‘Death Penalty’. Cancelling it, was a condition of joining the EU back in 2004. It’s not Orban’s decision to get kicked out of the EU nor his goal. The issue is right up their with Abortion, Right to choose, Gay & Lesbianism, and is an international debate and always has been. I also fail to see your conclusions on how Orban is a ‘macho ruler’. Just cause he doesn’t succumb to ‘Politcal correctness’, and give into ‘Liberal retards’, not to say they’re all bad, just a few. This doesn’t indicate machoness, just bravery to believing in the right direction and sticking to your guns.

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