Paris (MTI) – Hungary still has a lot of climate change-related tasks left to fulfill, including the restructuring of its farming sector, LMP lawmaker Erzsebet Schmuck said in Paris on Friday.

Schmuck, who is member of a parliamentary delegation at the UN climate conference, told MTI that although Hungary has already cut 36 percent of its carbon-dioxide emissions and is well on its way to reaching the 40 percent target it promised to achieve by 2030, that cut will not result from a purposeful climate policy, but rather from the 1990 collapse of the country’s heavy industry.

Hungary must restructure its agriculture, which contributes significantly to the country’s CO2 emissions, Schmuck said.

The country also has a lot to do in adjusting to climate change, she said. Hungary must do more to protect its biodiversity by protecting its green spaces and improving its ecosystem services, such as water purification or enhancing groundwater recharge, Schmuck added.

She said LMP will urge the government to submit its draft amendments to the National Climate Change Strategy to parliament.

As regards the climate conference, Schmuck said talks are going slower than expected and expressed concern that delegates will not reach an agreement on climate with the aim of keeping global warming below 2 degrees C. She noted, however, that civil and academic groups are all trying to exert pressure on the conference’s participants to reach an agreement in time.

On Monday, Hungarian President Janos Ader addressed the conference and said that if the conference is unsuccessful, in 25 years’ time the next generation will demand to know why today’s world failed to curb the negative effects of climate change, which by then will pose a direct threat to civilisation.


  1. It is all very well talking about green fields and cleansing the water system, but what about the carbon emissions into the air. I’m pretty sure that putting a stop to houses burning coal would lessen the carbon emissions quite a lot.

  2. CO2 reports by the IPCC have been proven to be biased & faked data in a court of law.
    It is still not known whether CO2 causes warming or responds to it.
    CO2 is a necessary plant food, without it (at <170ppm) all life dies.
    CO2 is pumped into greenhouses to accelerate plant growth & improve vitality & health.
    CO2 has been much higher in the past when temps were lower!
    Sun activity has much higher effect on earth, as does many other factors the IPCC refuse to acknowledge due to the IPCC being a political organisation with hand picked scientists.
    etc etc

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