Hungary head coach Bernd Storck believes the pre-Euro 2016 warm-up match against his natives will be the perfect preparation for the contintental tournament which will follow. The clash on 4th June is due to take place in Gelsenkirchen, reported.

“I am very happy that, just before the Euros, we’ll be able to measure ourselves against currently the world’s best team. Whatever happened, I wanted us to have a big test at the end of our preparations, so from this point of view Germany is the perfect opponent. In fact, against the reigning world champions we’ll be able to see exactly where our team is a few days before the start of the European Championship. For the squad members and their own careers, this match represents a superb opportunity to announce themselves to the world and to prove that they are good players at international level too, as a part of a united team.

It will be a special situation to play against the World Cup winners away from home for our players, but they can learn a lots from this match, amongst other things that they do not need to fear anyone in the Euros. This will be our last match before the tournament so we already need to be perfectly prepared: a state, we need to prove, we are in during this game. It is a great thing to learn from the world’s best team so our main aim will be to play organised, disciplined football which can build a large amount of healthy self-confidence in the players before the Euros”.

The said, it is noteworthy that the two teams last met in Germany before another European Championships, the 2004 edition. On that occasion Hungary shocked Germany 2-0 in Kaiserlautern.

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