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Consumer prices in Hungary grew by an annual 2.3 percent in April, accelerating from 2 percent in the previous month, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Wednesday.

In a month-on-month comparison, prices were up 0.7 percent.

KSH statistician Borbála Minary said the annual price inflation of spirits, tobacco and food was the steepest while the average price rise of food grew by 4.2 percent. Compared with March, the price of vehicle fuels rose by 2.7 percent, while food prices increased by 0.7 percent on average, she said.

The price of spirits and tobacco jumped by 6.3 percent. Clothing prices increased by 1.3 percent, household energy prices were up 1.3 percent and services prices rose by 1 percent. Prices in the category of goods that includes vehicle fuel climbed 1.4 percent and consumer durable prices were down 1 percent.

CPI harmonised for better comparison with other European Union member states stood at 2.4 percent.

Seasonally-adjusted core inflation, which excludes volatile fuel and food prices, was also 2.4 percent. The same rate of increase was the case for a basket of goods and services used by pensioners.

In a month-on-month comparison, prices were up 0.7 percent.

Source: MTI

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