It seems like Hungary has genuinely become a hotshot in tourism as following the past year this year also brought record numbers in tourism, and this unprecedented success paves the way for further development in the tourism sector. The goal is to increase the contribution of tourism to the gross national product by 3% and the number of nights spent in hotels to 50 million.

The government is ready to provide every means necessary for this as there has never been so many investments and favourable measures as there is since the paradigm shift in 2016. Starting in January, VAT reduction and the digital data collection of 44 thousand companies provide new opportunities, reports Magyar Nemzet.

According to foreign minister Péter Szijjártó, the previous year was a record in tourism and Hungary is bound to achieve every performance connected to tourism this year as well. While nine years ago Hungary was in a dire situation, now the national economy is booming, even on a European level mainly because of the exceptional performance of the sector.

Gellérthegy Gellért Hill Budapest view kilátás
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Hungary is one of the top destinations of Europe not just among foreign tourists but Hungarians as well.

This year, Budapest overtook Barcelona as the best European destination among tourists besides receiving many international acknowledgements for Hungarian national treasures and the imaginative Hungarian hospitality.

Many tourists come because Budapest is marked as one of the safest capitals in the world.  One of the main tourist attractions today is safety; therefore, many countries of origin are getting listed according to the number of guests. Hungary has become more popular significantly among travellers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, the UK, Russia, China, Italy, Israel, Romania and South-Korea.

Hungary is defined today by an active visitor market, stable domestic demand, higher revenue, better profitability and promising possibilities.

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The development is further proved by the growing demand of Hungarians as well, which increased substantially because of the strengthening real incomes and Szép-card usage.

As for the future, two significant changes can alter the picture. The VAT of accommodation services will decrease from 18% to 5%, which could elevate the Hungarian market significantly. And with the full operation of the National Tourism Data Center, the revenue of legal services could grow by 30%.


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