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Many Hungarian children and adults omit breakfast, which is a huge mistake according to dietitians. Even though obesity and illnesses it causes are leading causes of death in Hungary, Hungarian mothers consider catching a cold a bigger threat regarding their children than becoming overweight.

Overweight leads to cancer

According to Hajnalka Takács, a dietitian, two out of three Hungarian adults are obese. Furthermore, overweight is also a problem among children. Most adults omit breakfast which sets a horrible example for their kids and at the same time, it is very unhealthy. According to her, data show that there is a

direct proportion between child obesity and not eating breakfast.

She also highlighted the importance of doing exercises and eating healthy meals. Fighting overweight can be started by changing small elements in the diet like eating sour cream containing only 12 pc fat instead of consuming its 20 pc counterpart – said Takács.

Obesity is very dangerous not only because it leads to heart and cardiovascular diseases but also because, according to the British Institute of Cancer Research, by 2043, it will become the main cause of cancer in Great Britain. In fact, overweight can induce 13 different types of cancer and women are even in bigger danger since it can cause breast cancer, as well.

Hungary is the fourth most obese country in the world

As we already reported, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office revealed in August that

54% of the Hungarian nation is obese or overweight.

As it turned out then, Hungary has the highest obesity rate in Europe, and only the people of the United States, Mexico and New-Zealand are heavier than Hungarians. Overweight can cause 20 different diseases like high blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular illnesses, Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Most of the times, the treatment involves a change in lifestyle but in some cases, this is not enough and patients should take pills, as well.

According to NRC, a Hungarian online market research company, only half of the Hungarian mothers consider obesity a threat regarding their children – reported They think that even

catching a cold is more dangerous than eating too much and becoming overweight. 

Based on the 2016 health care report of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 58 pc of the adult Hungarians are either overweight or obese. Furthermore, 23 pc of the young women and 39 pc of the young men are overweight or obese. In the case of older people, this rate even worsens. In fact, 53 pc of the middle-aged women and 71 pc of the men are in this category while in case of old women and men this rate is 65 pc and 72 pc.


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