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Hungary must identify, screen and detain any terrorist suspect from the European Union, and efforts must concentrate on averting a terrorist attack, not only from the east, but from the west, too, a government official has said.

Pál Völner, parliamentary state secretary for justice, said in an interview to the daily Magyar Idők that given the spread of terrorist attacks in western Europe, Hungarian law enforcement must be ready to catch terrorist suspects from the EU.

The link between migration and terrorism has now been conceded by those who once strenuously denied any such link, he insisted.

The Hungarian government over the past two to three years has warned that migration endangers EU public security, “and that is why we cannot accept the mandatory settlement quota of migrants,” Völner added.

As we wrote before, the reaction of European politicians to the latest attacks in Barcelona and Finland are “alarming”, Szijjártó said. After the condolences, European leaders usually move on to say “we won’t be intimidated and won’t let the lives of European citizens be changed”, he said.

Hungary’s government sees a need to tighten laws so as to guarantee the security of people, the government spokesman said last Friday.

Source: MTI

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