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Hungarian FM: Terror threat in Europe still very high

Hungarian FM: Terror threat in Europe still very high

Recent events have demonstrated that the terror threat has become stronger than ever in Europe, Hungary’s foreign minister said on Tuesday.

It would be the duty of European leaders to guarantee the safety of the continent. Those incapable of doing so are unfit to fill their posts, Péter Szijjártó told a press conference.

The reaction of European politicians to the latest attacks in Barcelona and Finland are “alarming”, Szijjártó said. After the condolences, European leaders usually move on to say “we won’t be intimidated and won’t let the lives of European citizens be changed”, he said.

These leaders “have lost their grasp on reality. If this is all they can do, Europe is in grave danger”, he said.


Szijjártó said the summer attacks justify the Hungarian standpoint of keeping migrants outside Europe. “Once they are allowed inside, Europe loses the battle”, he said.

Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona draws attention to the fact that the growing threat of terrorism in Europe affects all countries on the continent, Hungary’s foreign minister said on Friday, after the Barcelona attack.

As we wrote, a Hungarian citizen was slightly injured in Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona.

According to government’s official site, 121 Hungarian nationals on holiday in Spain have registered with the consular service since the attack in Barcelona on 18 August, he noted. “100 people were registered at the time of the attack, all of whom were duly contacted”, he added. “Security has now also become an important criteria when planning trips within Europe, and the true issues concerning European security remain unsolved because many are incapable of discussing them in an objective manner”, Mr. Szijjártó said.

“One must take a look at who the perpetrators of these attacks are: illegal immigrants or people who arrived or whose families arrived in Europe as immigrants, and whose integration has been unsuccessful”, the Foreign Minister said. “There have of course been successful social integration processes, but there have also been failed ones, and parallel societies have come about in some places”, he explained.

Photo: MTI/AP/Emilio Morenatti

Source: MTI

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