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Hungary needs competent, modern military, says Defence Minister

Hungary needs competent, modern military, says Defence Minister

In order for Hungary’s defence to be effective, it needs a competent, modern and technologically professional military, Defence Minister István Simicskó said at the oath-taking ceremony of some 700 new volunteer reservists at the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy of the Hungarian Armed Forces in Szentendre on Saturday.

In his speech, Simicskó called the oath-taking ceremony an important step in boosting Hungary’s reservist numbers. He noted that the armed forces had signed 1,600 reservists since last summer.

Hungary currently has about 6,600 reservists.

The goal is to have 30,000 active troops backed up by 20,000 reservists, the minister said.

Simicskó said the European Union was in a “spiritual crisis” and many are turning away from Christian faith, which he said puts Western civilisation at risk.

But Hungary is committed to European Christian values, he said. The Hungarian government saw the problems and threats facing Hungary and has protected the country from them, he said. The government’s measures included the protection of the southern border. Hungary’s border protection measures also keep the rest of Europe’s citizens and European Christian values safe, Simicskó added.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI


  1. Anonymous

    An active armed force of 30,000 backed up by a reserve of 20,000 is simply insufficient to deter aggression or defeat it if deterrence fails. It is even insufficient to hold the Country until assistance could arrive from other NATO countries. To have a credible defense Hungary needs an active force of at least 85,000 with a reserve force at least twice that size. Hungary must invest in modern armor, artillery, attack helicopters and an Air force with at least 70-75 modern combat planes and up to date anti aircraft/missile defense. Hungary is located in a dangerous area. A country immediately adjoining Hungary (Ukraine) is already under foreign attack.


    Hungary should have compulsory military service, one year. At least this provides for basic training, competency of arms and tactics. Enlightening the general population, similar to Switzerland has its benefits. upgrading their equipment would help. A few Eurofighters or Saabs, helicopter support or A-10’s, front line tanks/artillery. It is a long list! Plus Hungary has to invest in its hospitals and medical staff as well.

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