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You probably know how much we like to share the summaries of articles written about Hungary, Budapest and anything Hungarian-related. We are especially thrilled to read promotions by any illustrious foreign press. The latest article we came across was shared by the Australian Traveller website, and it lists Hungary as one of Europe’s hidden wonders along with five other countries.

They start out by stating that their aim is to attract attention to spots not so commonly known, or as they call them: the hidden gems. They are amazed by the abundant selection of sights in the historic continent and highlight the wonders of Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Naturally, we are biased, but we are convinced that Hungary is a treasure chest indeed. The writer of the article is surprised at how it’s possible that the rest of the world is not yet obsessed with Budapest. However, we believe that the good reputation of our capital city constantly reaches more and more people all over the world.

They state that the whole of Hungary is a fantastic and mostly undiscovered gem and recommend starting your journey in Budapest.

“From the Roman-style baths to the communist-era sculpture park, the Basilica of St Stephen to the stunning Parliament House, it’s amazing the Hungarian capital isn’t better known.”

They finish the section about Hungary with an unusual programme recommendation: the Grand Empress Steam Train that features carriages from the 1900s. The royal experience takes travellers to the beautiful Palace of Gödöllő.

If you are interested in the original article and the five other country recommendations, click here.

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