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German journal Bild has recently published a quite unusual map of the world. This atlas does not depict anything related to Geography, History or economy, but a topic which concerns people much more: women’s average breast sizes. It seems that Hungary has no reason to worry from this special point of view.

However, it is obscure how the survey itself was carried out, as no one noticed scholars running around the streets with tape measures, looking for enthusiastic volunteers for samples. A probable solution, as British news site Huffington Post highlighted, might be taking the data of brassiere sales in each country, considering the different sizes. Whatever the method was, the results are still truly interesting.

As it is clearly seen from the great red territory in the middle of the map, the true champion of this category is Northern Europe, more accurately Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

It is especially good news for the gentlemen living in these countries, as these are also the territories where public saunas are parts of everyday life – and we know what the proper “dress” is in those places. Bigger size may also be advantageous for women in certain workplaces as well.

America as a continent does not lag too far behind, as the D-cup is the average in the USA, Venezuela and Colombia, but the rest of the continent is mostly covered by C-cups, as well. The only exception seems to be the western region of South America.

Hungary’s situation is quite favorable: it is revealed from the map that Hungarian ladies have the largest average breast size in Central and Eastern Europe alongside the Bulgarians.

Hungary is one of the few countries south from Scandinavia with D-cup as the average bra size, which can only be said about Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We have to note that the map is greatly unofficial, as there is no information about the research method or the sources used. Still, it may be another reason for men preferring bigger breast sizes to choose Hungary as a travel destination – at least to check whether this map tells the truth or not.

To see the whole map, click here.

Source:, Huffington Post

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