Budapest, September 29 (MTI) – Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog has submitted a bill to parliament that would amend the health care law by allowing the chief medical officer to order asylum seekers to undergo medical screenings during states of crisis due to mass migration or health crises.

If passed into law, the location of the tests would be determined by the immigration office.

According to the bill, the screening is to be carried out in the transit zone defined by Hungary’s border law if that is where the migrant seeks asylum. Before entering the country, the migrant will have to present a proof of having passed the medical test.

The bill also states that during health crises, the costs of treatments which are not covered by health insurance will be paid for by public funds.

Balog said Hungary’s public health situation is currently stable, but mass migration has called for measures that make the crisis easier to manage, such as the proposed amendments to the health care law.

Photo: MTI


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