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Bódis Krisztián facebook/Budapest Images reports the results of the latest research setting up the list of the most livable and attractive cities for millennials in the world. Besides employment opportunities, rental prices and lively nightlife, the survey also examined issues like how developed tourism is in the target cities and how tolerant locals are about immigrants. Budapest became the 37th most livable city in the world, and in the following, you can figure out in what ways it is attractive to tourists and where it should make further improvements.

Nestpick, the most well-known site helping people find the perfect apartment by comparing thousands of offers, surveyed what digitally native millennials find important when choosing a place to settle down. It turned out from the results that the majority of youngsters consider housing and human rights the most influential factors when choosing the right city, which also means that vibrant nightlife and partying are only secondary aspects to them.

Altogether 110 cities were involved in the study the main aim of which was to pose such questions as how affordable life is in the examined cities or how tolerant and open-minded locals are there.

Besides the most dominant aspects, like housing, affordability, transport and healthcare opportunities, university life, the speed of the Internet, the price of festivals and beer were also evaluated. All aspects examined were graded on a 10-point scale.

Among the TOP 3 cities is Berlin with a maximum score for vibrant nightlife, Montréal with 9.9 points for immigration tolerance and London with 10 points given for excellent academic and touristic opportunities available to youngsters.

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As far as the Hungarian capital is concerned, Budapest became the 37th city on the list out of the 110 cities. It was only preceded by Prague and Vienna from the neighbouring region which is an outstanding achievement.

The highest scores were given for cheap beer (9.4) and employment opportunities (9.4), but the price of food (8.8) and the affordability of housing (8.7) were also among the most attractive factors of the capital.

As far as the worst results of Budapest are concerned, festivals and the amount of personal freedom guaranteed to people got 0.7 points while education and immigration tolerance were both scored 1.0.

With this result, the Hungarian capital preceded such big names as Boston and Washington D.C. or Rome and Edinburgh, so our ranking is quite remarkable in the world.

If you are interested in reading the whole report, you can do it here.

Featured image: Bódis Krisztián/facebook/Budapest Images


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