Hungarian skating ace Shaolin Sándor Liu won the 1,000m men's final debrecen
Debrecen, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Just like on Saturday, Hungarian skating brothers Shaoang Liu and Shaolin Sándor Liu, as well as Dutch skater Suzanne Schulting were at the top of the last day of finals of the European Short Track Speed Skating Championships in Debrecen on Sunday.

Olympic champions and Hungarian skating ace Shaolin Sándor Liu won the 1,000m men’s final (1:25.636), arriving just before his brother Shaoang Liu (1:25.667),

leaving the bronze medal to Russian athlete Semen Elistratov (1:25.831).

In the same event at the ladies, dutch skater Suzanne Schulting won the gold in 1:33.353 before her compatriot Lara van Ruijven (1:33.464), and the third place went to Italian athlete Arianna Fontana, who had won the 3,000m superfinal in 5:46.150 before Russian skater Ekaterina Efremenkova (5:46.451) and another Italian skater Martina Valcepina (5:46.618).

In the men’s 3,000m superfinal, Semen Elistratov won the race in 4:57.674, distancing Stijn Desmet from Belgium (4:57.721) and Itzhak de Laat from the Netherlands (4:57.766).

The last finals of the day were the relays, 3,000 meters for the ladies and 5,000 meters for the gents.

In the women’s event, the Netherlands were victorious with a time of 4:12.877, beating Italy (4.13.022) and Russia (4:25.577).

The same three nations prevailed at the men’s race, but in a different order. Russia was the fastest (7:06.884), tailed by the Netherlands (7:06.984) and Italy (7:07.055).

Source: Xinhua – Budapest

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