Budapest, April 12 (MTI) – The Jobbik party has proposed that parliament should reject mandatory migrant quotas by amending the constitution instead of holding a referendum.

“Referendums are a thing of the past,” party leader Gábor Vona told a press conference on Tuesday. Hungary must send a stronger message to Brussels because the threat of migrant quotas “is constantly hanging over our heads”.

Vona noted that in Hungary’s hierarchy of laws, referendums are subordinate to constitutional amendments.

He said referendums were slow, expensive and uncertain legal tools.

Hungary should not leave the fate of its sovereignty to the result of a referendum, he added, arguing that a more certain measure was needed to reject migrant quotas.

The Hungarian government announced in February that the government had decided to call a referendum on the European Union’s proposed mandatory migrant quota scheme. Citizens will be asked if they want to allow the EU to mandate the resettlement of migrants to Hungary without the approval of parliament. A date for the referendum has not yet been set.

Photo: MTI


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