Berlin (MTI) – Hungary stands by Berlin and will continue to support German Chancellor Angela Merkel in confronting Europe’s current challenges, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the online edition of German daily Bild on Tuesday on the sidelines of his meeting with former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Orbán said Hungary’s new “Schengen 2.0” plan aimed at protecting the European Union’s external borders is one of the initiatives with which the country supports Germany in tackling the bloc’s challenges.

In times of large migration waves, Europe cannot let values such as the freedom of religion, women’s rights or “treating each other with mutual respect” to be threatened, Orban said. “We cannot allow the emergence of lawless areas in our society that fuel radicalisation.”

Orbán said it was a great pleasure to meet Kohl again, noting the strong friendship between himself and the former chancellor.

Bild said Orbán and Kohl would release a joint statement about their meeting in which they declare their support for Merkel’s goals in resolving the migrant crisis. “Generating political differences” regarding the handling of the crisis serves neither the problem’s resolution nor the people, and European leaders must find the best humanitarian solution to the crisis for the millions of people involved, Bild said quoting the statement. The question is not whether Europe will help the millions of people in need throughout the world, but rather what that humanitarian help will be.

There is no alternative to a politically unified Europe, if the continent wants to maintain peace and freedom in the long run and if Europe wants to be responsible to the world, Bild quoted the statement.

German public regional broadcaster SWR said some 20 protesters gathered outside Kohl’s home in Oggersheim to voice their discontent with Orbán’s migration policy. Sympathisers of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party also gathered outside the building expressing their support for the Hungarian prime minister.

Photo: MTI


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