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Budapest, September 1 (MTI) – Hungary has summoned the Austrian ambassador over recent remarks made by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Hungary’s handling of the migration crisis.

It is disappointing to hear the leader of a neighbouring country make the kind of remarks about Hungary’s and Europe’s greatest current challenge that Faymann has made, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Tuesday.

Faymann said in a statement late on Monday in reference to Hungary’s border fence that it is wrong to think that problems can be solved this way as human smugglers have ways of getting round these obstacles. Solutions can only be political, Faymann said. He criticised Hungary’s methods of letting migrants travel on to Austria.

It is expected from the leader of a neighbouring country to make comments after understanding the facts and not to state things which are false, Szijjarto told MTI, adding that these remarks can stoke up tension which could be dangerous “as seen in the past few days.”

He rejected Faymann’s statement that Hungary would let immigrants pass through it territory and that Hungary does nothing to handle the immigration crisis. “Hungary is criticised in the EU for the very reason that it is taking genuine steps in this respect,” Szijjarto said.

Schengen rules are clear about obligations to protect external borders and Hungary will adhere to EU law in this regard even if it is criticised for it, he said. He added that recently Hungary had asked Germany and the European Commission for guidance in the current situation and received the response from both that EU laws should be observed.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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