Strasbourg, April 21 (MTI) – Hungary supports the EU-Turkey agreement which protects the external borders of Europe, and is the same for Europe as the fence for Hungary, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee told MTI over the phone in Strasbourg late on Wednesday.

Attending a Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly debate over migration, Zsolt Németh called it a major success that the agreement defends the external borders of the continent.

He at the same time expressed regret over the assembly voting down the European Union by declaring that the agreement is in conflict with some fundamental human rights.

Németh called it an important element of the agreement that the resettlement of migrants in EU member states will be carried out on a voluntary basis, which Hungary considers the sole acceptable approach.

Addressing the debate held about anti-Semitism, he stressed the need of security in Europe.

“Increasing the continent’s external and internal security is the best way to reinforce the Jewish community’s sense of security and counter anti-Semitism,” Németh said.

As the Israeli-Palestinian peace process has come to a halt, diplomatic efforts should be revived to put the two-state solution once again on the agenda, he said.

Németh said that a group of Ukrainian children, including five ethnic Hungarians from the Transcarpathian region, visited Strasbourg on Wednesday under a project initiated by Hungarian diplomats in Ukraine to support children who were left orphan by the war.

He confirmed Hungary’s advocacy for restoring peace and peaceful coexistence in a free, independent and democratic Ukraine.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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