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Villány (46 pc) is followed by Tokaj (38 pc) and Eger (37 pc). Hungarians mainly consume these kinds of wines – based on the results of the Big Hungarian Wine Test.

Producing quality products is not enough

The survey was conducted this year for the third time, and it is the biggest wine research in Hungary. The number of people filling the questionnaire is rising, in 2018

22,000 shared their habits regarding wines.

The professional supporter of the survey was the Hungarian Tourism Agency which added further questions regarding wine consumption and travel habits to the original questionnaire – reported

According to the results, 22 pc of the Hungarians do a wine tour once a year while 21 pc do it less often and 17 pc more frequently. Only 9 pc of them said that they would not take part in a wine tour. Furthermore, more than 70 pc devote at least a weekend on a domestic wine tour. The most popular destinations are Villány (46 pc), Tokaj (38 pc) and Eger (37 pc), which are followed by Badacsony, the Balaton region, and Szekszárd.

The key factor in choosing a wine region seems to be its popularity (40.5 pc). 39.3 pc said that things to see in the neighborhood is also important. People also mentioned that leisure activities for adults and for kids, spa and wellness opportunities and the beauties of the natural environment are also important. As a result,

wine regions should concentrate even on such factors in their communication.

Functioning wineries are also important (37.9 pc) together with the programs and festivals connected to wine (37.3 pc). Previous experience, novelty and recommendations of friends and family are also important factors in choosing a wine region to visit.

In choosing a winery, of course, quality wines are in the first place as a key factor (51 pc), but parameters of the venue are also important (44 pc). A bit more than 1/3rd of the responders mentioned close accommodation (36 pc) and the popularity of the winery (34 pc). These are followed by the events organized by the winery (30 pc), the food (23 pc) and the opportunity to meet the oenologist or owner (17 pc).

A quarter of the respondents collect, and 10 pc of them even produce wine. More than 50 pc of those who filled the survey consume wine on at least once a week.

The rate of those who drink wine at home is above 50 pc

which is followed by consuming wine during parties (20 pc) and restaurants/pubs (14 pc).

Hungarians like to drink wines from Villány (60 pc), Eger (55 pc) and Tokaj (50 pc) while Szekszárd (39 pc), Badacsony (32 pc) and the Balaton region (31 pc) are fallen a bit behind. Most Hungarians like rozé (56 pc), which is followed by dry red wine (47 pc) and dry white wine (42 pc). Most people buy wine in super- and hypermarkets (34 pc) which is followed by the wineries (21 pc) and discount stores (18 pc). Interestingly, the rate of those who often

buy wine on the Internet is only 1 pc

and 50 pc would never try it.


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