According to Eurostat, 5,217,376 people died in Europe in 2015. This number is 272 thousand more than it was in 2014 – reported Hungary is in the third place regarding mortality rate with 1,500 deaths per 100 thousand people. In fact, this number is considerably higher than the European average, which is 1036.

Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary on the podium

Regarding Europe, 38% of those who passed away (2 million) in 2015 was between 70 and 85. Furthermore, a quarter of them lived less than 70 years. In case of 1.9 million people, cardiovascular problems like heart attack and apoplexy were the cause of death. Furthermore, 1.3 million people died of cancer – according to Eurostat.

Cardiovascular problems are the main cause of death in many EU-member countries

with the exception of Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom where most people died because of cancer. Among the other causes respiratory, digestive and nervous system diseases, accidents and mental illnesses can be mentioned.

In fact,

the mortality rate is the highest in Bulgaria

with 1,600 deaths per 100 thousand people. The second place goes to Romania (1,530) while the third to Hungary (1,500). In France, this number is only 859 while the EU-28 average is 1036.

Source: Eurostat (

The Hungarian healthcare is devastated

This can be partly because – as we already reported – the Hungarian health care system struggles with many problems. Even though the government’s communication emphasises that it is getting better, the general experience of the patients is the opposite. For example, waiting lists are long, the debts of the hospitals are gigantic, and according to an official report leaked in 2016

two-third of the hospitals should be closed because of outdated medical technology, financial shortage and the lack of qualified doctors.

The most critical problem is the lack of money. According to the Hungarian Medical Chamber,

the Hungarian health care system needs at least 6-700 billion HUF (EUR 2.25M).

Source:, Daily News Hungary

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  1. Plenty of money available if a useless railroad to no where wasn’t built. Plenty of money available if you stop building useless stadiums!

    Take care of the horrible underfunded hospital situation!. Pay Dr’s and nurses a decent salary.

    Don’t send politicians to Vienna to criticize their country when Budapest is falling apart! – Buildings are crumbling, streets are a disaster, trash and litter everywhere! Just look at the area around Clark Adam Ter.

    Hungary way behind other progressive countries and has nothing to offer except the tourist business. That’s the only business keeping Hungary alive.

    Your people are not happy and it shows on their faces! They don’t smile, won’t make eye contact and are very arrogant, aggressive, crude and very rude! Not only are they depressed but oppressed as well.

    Hungary isn’t going anywhere with the present one man band leadership that caters to family and friends. Communism left in 1989 but it’s presence is still evident in how this country is ruled or better yet, “CONTROLLED!”

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