Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – Hungary will reject requests from European Union member states to relocate migrants here, government office chief János Lázár said.

“Nobody can be relocated to Hungary, people must be sent to Greece,” he told his regular weekly press conference on Thursday.

Member states altogether have indicated plans to relocate 52,000 migrants to Hungary, most of them from Germany. Hungary has told all its partners that if these migrants had arrived to Europe through Greece, they must be sent back there even if they were not registered there.

Lázár said it was a question to be asked how it was possible that the EU will agree with Turkey, considering it a safe country, but not with Greece.

Accusing Hungary of being reluctant to help is “unfair”, Lázár said, and insisted that the country had ensured political asylum to 300 migrants in 2016 only. He noted that fewer than 10 percent of the migrants seeking to enter Hungary declare themselves as Syrian.

The minister said that “Hungary does not need immigrants” and argued that if the country needed more workforce, “it would assist young people to have more children” or invite job seekers “from the former Hungarian territories”.

Concerning critical remarks by former US President Bill Clinton, Lazar said Hungary was interested in good relations with the US, but compared Clinton’s words to a “punch in the face”, which Hungary cannot “let pass”.

As for George Soros, Lazar said that the American financier sees Hungary “as a country blocking immigration which he thinks would help Europe”. “Soros has identified himself as a direct opposition to the government of Viktor Orban,” Lazar added.

At the press conference, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs was asked about a Soros scholarship he had earlier received. The spokesman said he had not received “any scholarships with a clause attached” to stipulate what political views he should have. He added that his private life before 2010 has “nothing to do” with his political activities since then.

On the same subject, Lazar said he consulted the prime minister, who had also been a Soros scholarship fellow. “If that is a problem and if Soros needs the money” all Fidesz politicians and government officials will be ready to refund the scholarships, Lazar quoted Orban as saying.


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  1. I was in San Diego for a vacation. I could not stay because all of the new Syrian immigrants made it unbearable. Our country, (the US) cannot afford to feed it’s own citizens, my father who worked hard and paid taxes his whole life now is retired in a small trailer and living on pasta because his benefits have been cut. Our own veterans are standing on the streets, homeless and hungry, having to beg for change because our country doesn’t have money to give them. Yet these immigrants are living in a nice hotel (I used to stay in and they charge well over a hundred US a night) and our gov’t. is paying for it. Most of them (as is shown in the picture above) are young men. They are now running around, causing trouble and smoking pot. This is how they are saying thank you to this country.
    The leaders of these other countries (esp. the moronic Clinton) are like parents who cannot care for or even feed their own children. Yet, they will call their starving, homeless children together and say “I feel sorry for the kids next door, so I will feed them instead of you. Congratulate me on what a martyr I am”. Only Lazar is intelligent enough to say “no, my loyalties lie here.” Clinton bringing up that the US allowed Hungarians in is absurd. The US used to be the land of opportunity. It is no longer. In big cities like in Los Angeles, there are so many homeless citizens you have to step over them at night as you walk. The US is now a crashing plane and everyone knows when your plane is crashing, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Except Clinton, who plays Mother Theresa by burdening the US citizens, while sitting in his opulent mansions, with his cigars and women, patting himself on the back. He is the one who should hide his face in shame.

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