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Hungarian forced labourers crammed in wagon on the way to Gulag, kolozsvariradio.ro

Budapest, July 14 (MTI) – Hungary’s Gulag Memorial Committee has offered 25 million forints (EUR 80,000) in support for a memorial to the victims of communism to be set up in Ottawa, Canada, the ministry of human resources said.

The committee was set up in February this year for coordinating the Memorial Year for Political Prisoners and Forced Labourers. It decided at its Tuesday meeting to approve the proposed support for the memorial put forward by committee head Zoltan Balog, the HR minister, a statement from the ministry said on Tuesday.

Full costs of the memorial, which is planned to pay homage to those who fled communist dictatorships, are estimated at 4 million Canadian dollars, 70 percent of which is to be covered by the Canadian government. Hungary is one of the biggest contributors, besides private individuals who were among the immigrants themselves, it said.

Canada received 43,000 Hungarian refugees after the anti-Soviet freedom fight of 1956, it added.

Photo: kolozsvariradio.ro

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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