Budapest, November 12 (MTI) – It is in nobody’s interest that local residents should flee their homes and leave complete regions or even countries vacated while exporting their knowledge and skills to some other part of the world, Hungary’s permanent representative to the UN told public Kossuth radio.

Commenting on the conclusions of a UN world meeting on migration that took place on Sept. 30, Katalin Bogyay said education and science should be used as tools in resolving the migration crisis. “Science knows no national boundaries,” Bogyay said, adding that the issue of many young people leaving countries in the Middle East where their knowledge will be missed, should be addressed. Peace is hoped to be sooner or later restored there and these countries will need to be rebuilt, she said.    Meanwhile it is understandable that parents who cannot provide their children with an education at home are seeking answers elsewhere. What we all need to work on is to ensure that people should not be forced to leave their homeland, Bogyay said.


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