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Hungary urges Greece to stick to Schengen rules

Hungary urges Greece to stick to Schengen rules

Budapest, February 11 (MTI) – Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, rejected critical remarks made by the Greek deputy foreign minister in connection with the migrant crisis in a recent press interview.

It is ironic that the Greek deputy foreign minister “is trying to teach us about solidarity and the rules,” he said.

Nikos Ksidakis, the Greek deputy minister, told Thursday’s Népszabadság that Greece “is disappointed by the accusations made against Athens by the Hungarian government in connection with the refugee crisis … The Hungarian government is making accusations rather than helping to handle the refugee crisis,” he said.

In response, Szijjártó said that Europe is defenceless from the south because Greece has failed to stick to the Schengen requirements.

Fina Aristic

Hungary accepts that a country is unable to defend a maritime border of thousands of kilometres from its own resources. For this reason, it proposed some months ago setting up a European defence force which is able to protect the EU’s southern border, he said.

“We need soldiers, police officers, ships, helicopters, aircract rather than bureaucrats and Frontex officals for defending the border,” the minister said, adding that Hungary would contribute staff to common border protection.

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  1. Védo

    There has been many attempts to help Greece by Hungary and others, yet the dumb asses running the country don’t respond. The threat of keeping the migrants in their own country now while still refusing help by others shows just how stupid the ruling regime is in Greece. I feel sorry the the Greek population as economics and now this with northern border fences will definitely make the population struggle even more. Greece better start now and start shipping back migrants to Turkey or they will cease to exist!

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