Ligetalja Thermal Bath, bath, Hungary

It was once a popular destination for fishermen, but it turned out that beneath the surface there is precious thermal water. In the last few years, the healing effect of the water has been confirmed, and the place also received the successful permissions to become a thermal region. This is how Penészlek (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County) became a brand-new tourist destination. 

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Termál Online reported that the newest Hungarian thermal bath is located in the small area of Penészlek and runs under the name of Ligetalja Thermal Bath and Thermal Hotel. The closest city to this region is Nyírbátor and Nyíregyháza is approximately 60 km away from the bath.

Ligetalja Thermal Bath, permission, hotel, Hungary

The region is a strictly protected area with many rare plants and animals and a unique and precious atmosphere. 

Ligetalja Thermal Bath, Hungary

The place already had smaller swimming pools and was a favourite place for fishermen. Once the region was undertaken to geological works, the experts found thermal water 750 meters below the ground, which was truly unexpected. News spread across the country and more and more people started to visit the region. 

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Ligetalja Thermal Bath, winter, Hungary, bath

After completing an application, the region officially got permission to build a wellness department, three-starred hotel, and ten family apartments. After examining the thermal water carefully and undertaking 70 visitors for “test” bathing for 15 times, scientists agreed on registering the place among the official thermal baths of Hungary in 2019. 

Ligetalja Thermal Bath, hotel, Hungary

The hotel aims to attract more visitors and to build a sophisticated health centre for those who need treatments with thermal water. The water is excellent for those who suffer from muscle pains and have joint problems. The hotel would also like to renovate its restaurant and to serve as a wedding location shortly. 

Ligetalja Thermal Bath, Hungary, bath

Keeping up with the current trends and architectural techniques the hotel would like to provide an excellent experience for visitors and to become one of the most popular locations in the region. 

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