Top quality ventilators being produced in Hungary

Once the 6,000 breathing machines the government ordered arrive, there will be 163 of such life support systems per 100,000 people in Hungary while this number is only 54 in the United States. Meanwhile, the average is only 26 in the 22 countries a new survey looked at, but they did not take into consideration the price and the quality of the machines.

According to, in Asia, Japan has 45,293 machines for their 126 million people, which means that their rate is 35 per 100 thousand. The situation is worse in South Korea with 19 and much worse in India with only 3.5. In the USA, there are 177 thousand breathing machines, which translates to 54 per 100 thousand, while this number is only 1.6 in the case of Mexico. In Australia and New Zealand, the numbers are 5.3 and 6.8.

Meanwhile, in Europe,

Sweden has only 5.5 breathing machines per 100 thousand people

while in Italy, this number is only 8.8. In the Czech Republic, they have 33 per 100 thousand while in Portugal, it is 13.6.

In Hungary, the situation is much better, even better than in the United States where the virus is still spreading quickly. If the last shipment containing 6,000 additional breathing machines arrives, there will be 163 machines per 100 thousand people. 

The secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade responsible for the issue said that they ordered 16 thousand breathing machines before, but

they were not sure which ones would arrive.

Today, 10 thousand is already in Hungary, and they expect that an additional 6,000 will shortly arrive. At the beginning of the epidemic, there were 1,600 breathing machines in Hungary based on what Cecília Müller, the chief medical officer of the country, said.

According to 24, since many tragedies happened due to the lack of breathing machines, the Hungarian government entrusted the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to develop such machines. Based on the plans, the future factory will be able to

produce 10 machines per day.

  1. It is worth noting that when patients with Covid need to be put on a Ventilator (note: they ARE NOT called ‘breathing machines’ in english), the outcome is that just under 40% die, usually within a few weeks.

  2. Thank you Professor Paulus for pointing out that ‘ventilators’ actually save about 60% of Covid-19 patients who require intensive care treatment.

    It is reassuring to realise that Hungary is now in a very good position should a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus infections occur in this country.

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