The 2019 edition of HungaryCard is here! The new edition is awaiting the enthusiasts of Hungarian tourism attractions with new features. Gábor Gál, the executive director of Hotelinfo Kft, said that similar to previous years, nearly 800 establishments accept the new Hungarian Tourism Card and it can provide between 10-100% discounts on many different things. It has two tiers, Basic and Plus.

The worthily famous card provides a travelling possibility for a 50% discount on trains and buses, and also bath tickets in Budapest and the countryside are available. Besides, card owners are free to enter many museums throughout the country, and many public transportation tickets are free in the bigger cities of the countryside. Not to mention the countless possibilities to re-energise your family both in body and mind, and to gain great experiences all over Hungary. Did we mention that you can do this while saving money? It is good news for car owners as well, as those who purchase the card gain a free Automobile Club membership and get access to many saving tips and tricks as a bonus – informs readers.

While we are at it, if you like visiting Hungary’s interesting tourist attractions, we have an article about what to visit if you like nice views.

You can find more information about the card and the discounts in the 200-page catalogue, on their website, Facebook page and on the smartphone application. Both versions of the card are worth it, because you can save multiple times the initial price of the purchase during a single weekend.

Many new partners have joined the program this year thanks to a whole year of organising work. The new partners are, including, but not limited to, the Vidám Színpad (theatre), Térszínház (theatre), Zalakaros Spa, the Hungarian National Philharmonic group, Szász Endre Castle museum and the Kinizsi Castle at Nagyvázsony. The developers of the card are ready to receive any offers from new discount partners throughout the year. In the case of more significant discounts, the Facebook page of the card and the website will feature the updated information soon after the agreement is done, and the discounts are alive for all owners of the card.

For those who love wellness and spas, we have something up in our sleeves as well. These are the best baths to visit in Hungary during Winter.

The card is also evolving in the field of marketing and purchase options. Companies can also purchase the card, but naturally, the number of customers is higher among private individuals, who can now purchase the card via the Internet.

Hungarycard can be purchased in the offices of Hotelinfo and other distributor partners, and also online at At this page, you can also find a detailed description of the contents and discounts of the two card tiers.


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