The good news is that according to the statistics of KSH, every county in Hungary does have at least a few baths open even during Winter, so this article is for those, who like to dip their toe in the water during the colder parts of the year.

Even though Winter set in, many Hungarian families like to spend their weekends with wellness, but for those, who would like to try out something else than the pool of a hotel, we have good news, as many of the bigger baths are open around the country – wrote.

If you are very patient, you can wait a few months to try out Hungary’ most innovative bath.

Which are the best baths in Hungary?

The ‘Bath of the Year’ is a public vote done every year and this one is no exception. The following are currently the top ten baths in Hungary:

  1. St. Erzsébet Spa of Mórahalom
  2. Zalakaros Spa
  3. Gyula Castle Spa
  4. Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár
  5. Saliris Resort Spa and Conference Hotel
  6. Harkány Spa
  7. Cserkeszőlő Bath and Therapy Centre
  8. Cave Bath Miskolctapolca
  9. Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa
  10. Thermal Spa Eger

Most of these baths provide opportunities to bathe and some of them even have opening hours for the holiday, so you can even do a New Year’s Eve swim. On the website of the ‘Bath of the Year’, you can even see which bath’s scored best in their own county.

There are 380 baths open in Hungary the whole year

Baths Open by Region

According to the data of KSH, last year in Hungary, there were 380 baths which were open throughout the year and 149 which were only seasonal. From the baths by region breakdown, it becomes evident, that in the region of Central Hungary are the most, 86 baths that are open all year, the second place goes for the Northern Great Plain region with 60 baths and the region of Northern Hungary comes up the third with 54.

Btahs Open by CountyIt might not be surprising that the most baths are in Pest county and Budapest in the breakdown by county. Heves county is the second with 28 baths that are open all year, and Zala county is the last on the podium with 27.

There are also two more interesting data concerning the baths of Hungary provided by KSH; these are the following:

  • The sum of the visitors of all baths in Hungary exceeded 41 Million people last year
  • Last year the sum income of all baths in Hungary had exceeded 173 Billion Ft (~ 541 Million €)

If you like to try out new things and like spas as well, then two birds with one stone, there is a new bath-therapy centre to visit in Budapest.

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