Debrecen Nagyerdő Bath

The rebuilding of the Bath at Nagyerdő started in September, but the foundation stone was ceremoniously laid last Friday, which means that the construction of the bath at Nagyerdő in Debrecen has officially started. It is constructed from a 26.5 Million € investment, which will be carried out by Hunép Universal Zrt. An innovative bath will be constructed fulfilling many additional functions as well.

The last year and the following years to come will feature the most dynamic development period in the history of the city. We stand at the milestone of the ’New Phoenix Plan’ which incorporates the ’Modern City Program’ – László Papp, mayor of Debrecen started his speech according to

The new building constructed in the place of the old bath will be finished by next year’s Fall and it will be available to welcome guests by 2020 – if everything goes according to the plans. According to Civishír’s previous article, the total water surface will be 5,700 square metres, while the old bath only provided a significantly lower, 3,600 square metres of water surface – can be read on

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The design, which will be fully materialized was chosen a few years ago, during a successful design contest. The design is very special and innovative in every meaning of the word, both architecturally and regarding machinery. This outstanding building will serve Debrecen’s bathing culture and programmes connected to water. One of the main value of the design is that it saves a lot of green areas because it is mainly expanding vertically instead of horizontally – highlighted the mayor.

A total of 15 pools and 8 waterslides are planned with a wide variety of functions:
  • a Therapy pool
  • a ‘slow river’ with a light drift
  • The kinder world with a 40 cm shallow paddling pool, water squirting toys, an adventure pool with a climbable tree implemented into the pool, family-friendly waterslides, a stage and a wave pool
  • a jumping pool with 200 square metres of water surface, into which guests can jump from 1, 3 and 4,7 metres high
  • a relaxation pool with glass floor on the top of the main building
  • the sports world with a 50 and a 30 metres long pool and a warm-water learning pool

In the project, the main entrance will be placed to Pallagi street. Between the bath and the existing tram line, a walkway will be built, on which there will be stores with an entrance to both sides. Between the new bath and the neighbouring Aquaticum, a strip of land will be left empty for later hotel building.

Alpár Gyopáros, Government Commissioner for the Development of Modern Settlements said that the 23 cities with county rights will achieve an 11,5 Billion € worth of development. Lajos Kósa, member of Parliament of Fidesz highlighted, that the bath at Nagyerdő will be Hungary’s most innovative bath. László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP) mayor recounted the previous developments that were previously implemented at Nagyerdő before. Such as the stadium, the forest park, lake Békás, and the Ködszínház.

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