Danubius Hotel Helia Thermal Therapy Bath Pool

Turizmus.com reported that SmileyMed, the first private bath-therapy centre has opened its gates in the Hungarian Capital in Danubius Hotel Helia.

In Danubius Hotel Helia, healthcare services can be requisitioned since 1990.

From 2018, the majority of these healthcare services will be collaboratively operating with the hotel, but with a new name: SmileyMed. The name is new, but the approach is the accustomed one; the hotel will continue to exercise its noblest traditions.

A high-tech radiotherapy centre has also opened in Hungary not so long ago. Details here.

From therapeutics to fitness training and wellness, every service is available here; Maitland-therapy, kineziotaping, lymphatic massage, parafango, electro-therapy, underwater gymnastics, just to name a few,

there are also stress-relieving services. The location for these treatments is a beautiful hotel spa that fulfils every need. There are also several different types of pools, and thermal baths are available for those, who desire some recreational activities. They also kept in consideration the sporty types, as there is

a two-storey fitness club with panorama awaiting those who are not frightened by a little sweat.

“We work together with professionals, who take pleasure in what they are doing, are willing to learn and train themselves because they love what they do. We evolve together; we can follow international research, adopt the newest trends and discover innovations. Every moment, we work according to our highest potential and bring the best out of our clients as well.” – said Ágnes Molnár, chief physiotherapist.

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Featured image: www.facebook.com/DanubiusHotelHelia

Source: turizmus.com

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